Cover of Compiling with C# and Java

Key features of the book:

Table of Contents:

1 Translators and Languages
2 Translator Classification and Structure
3 Compiler Development and Bootstrapping
4 Stack Machines
5 Language Specification
6 Development and Classification of Grammars
7 Deterministic Top-down Parsing
8 Parser and Scanner Construction
9 Syntax-directed Translation
10 Using Coco/R: Overview
11 Using Coco/R: Case Studies
12 A Parva Compiler: the Front End
13 A Parva Compiler: the Back End
14 A Parva Compiler: Functions and Parameters
15 A C#Minor Compiler: the Front End
16 A C#Minor Compiler: the Back End

Resource Kit:

Visit the "Resource Kit" for the book - a web site that contains the preface and table of contents, errata notices, additional material that does not appear in the published book, the source code for all the case studies, distributions of Coco/R for C# and Java, and instructions for downloading and installing the components of the Resource Kit on a reader's own computer.