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Welcome to the Faculty of Science at Rhodes University, a Faculty that we firmly believe to be one of the very best in the University, and in the country. These pages (updated regularly) are aimed at prospective students who wish to find out more about what is offered in the Science Faculty, and what is demanded of students who wish to study science here. They also carry information that is of more interest to current students and staff.

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Aerial Photograph
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Lecture Timetable
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Exam Timetable
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Leave of absence form
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New and prospective students

Sciences offered at Rhodes
Entrance Requirements
Degree Structures 
Building a degree
Honours degrees
Some examples of Curricula
University Structures
Lectures, Pracs, Tutorials, Tests
A Senior Student's Perspective
Graduation Address by Dame Marjorie Scardino, 2005
Frequently asked questions
Contacts for further information

Orientation Week 2013 (PDF)
Science Faculty Handbook (2014)
Parents Handbook (2012)
Map of Science Departments and Lecture Venues (PDF)

Rules and Regulations

A guide to the rules
Course Prerequisites
Academic Status and Exclusions
Student Disciplinary Code
Faculty Rules (2011 Calendar)
Departmental Rules (2011 Calendar)
General Rules (2011 Calendar)
Higher Degrees Guide

Timetables and Diaries

Complete Timetables for 2013
Interactive timetable checker (2013)
Examination Timetables
University Diary for 2014

Hot News

Current academic vacancies at Rhodes
The latest venues for Lectures
Science Faculty Handbook (2014)
Full Lecture Timetable
University Diary for 2014
The PhD Study (Academy of Science report)
The 4-Stage Response to Low Student Achievement
(Chronicle of Higher Education, 11 March 2011)

Elephants, Compassion, and the Largesse of Literature
(Inaugural lecture by Professor Dan Wylie (PDF))


Links and Resources

Staff Address List
Departmental Home Pages
University Library
Physics Library
Research Office
Royal Society of South Africa
Rhodes (Oxford) Scholarships
Mandela (Cambridge) Scholarships
The Beit Trust (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi)
SciFest Africa Home Page
HartRAO Radio Astronomy observatory
The SKA (Square Kilometre Array) project
The South African National Space Agency
SANSA Space Science, Hermanus 
"Science in Africa" - online science magazine
(e-mail the Editor)

Curricula and Calendar Entries

2012 DRAFT Calendar entries
Changes 1998 - 2010
1998 (old) Calendar entries
1999 (old) Calendar entries
2000 (old) Calendar entries
2001 (old) Calendar entries
2002 (old) Calendar entries
2003 (old) Calendar entries
2004 (old) Calendar entries
2005 (old) Calendar entries
2006 (old) Calendar entries
2007 (old) Calendar entries
2008 (old) Calendar entries
2009 (old) Calendar entries
2010 (old) Calendar entries
Complete University Calendars 2008 - 2014 (PDF)

Other items that may be of interest

HEQC Institutional Audit Report 2005 (PDF)
HOD Guide
Natural Scientific Professions Act - Notice
Natural Scientific Professions Act - Letter from President
Natural Scientific Professions Act - Registration
Natural Scientific Professions Act - Summary
Complete Collection of Rhodes Policies
Full Plagiarism Policy (long!)
Older miscellany (limited access)

Class lists (limited access)

Grahamstown Class Lists
Initial Prac Allocations
Grahamstown Head Counts
Recent comparative headcounts
Demographics of classes
QA Course Template
Template for proposals to establish Research
and Scholarship Entities (MS-Word format)


Practical tips
Redirect your e-mail to or from campus

Computing degrees and careers (Text only, HTML)
Computing degrees and careers (large, full colour PDF format)
The Rhodes BSc (Software Development) degree
Careers and Postgraduate Study in ICT at Rhodes
Rhodes Careers Centre
Discretionary Funding
Faculty Discretionary Research Fund
Discretionary Funding Application Form (MS-Word)
Resource Documents & Application Forms

Undergraduate external examiner forms
Postgraduate study - application forms
Postgraduate study - upgrading MSc to PhD
Postgraduate progress report forms
Postgraduate thesis submission forms
Postgraduate examiner nomination forms (various formats)
On-line form for nominating Masters and Doctoral examiners
Aegrotat application form (PDF)
Application for remark/recount of examination script (PDF)

While every attempt is made to ensure that the information here is comprehensive, accurate and up to date, we cannot promise that there are no errors.

The Faculty of Science is a grouping of academic departments: specifically those teaching familiar subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology, which are normally taken only in Science degrees, as well as some departments teaching subjects that can form part of Science or Humanities or Commerce degrees, such as Mathematics and Geography. The affairs of the Faculty are decided by the "Faculty Board", which is chaired by the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Ric Bernard (Telephone +27-46-603-7232/7233)

Our Faculty is committed towards providing our students with the academic skills they will need to become the scientists of the future - to be able to contribute throughout long and illustrious careers towards making scientific discoveries as yet undreamed of, using equipment and technologies not yet invented, and improving the world for the benefit of people not yet born.

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